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Adapted by Dustin Brown

Based on the play by William Shakespeare


Three Crows Theater, Chicago, IL, 2022

Cast: Steve Peebles (Macbeth), Selena Lopez (Lady Macbeth), Richard Bronson (Ross), Brandon Beach (Malcolm), Alex Amery (Macduff), Hannah McCauley (1st Witch and Seyton), Judith Laughlin (2nd Witch and Porter), Lindsey Becker (3rd Witch and Page), Nate Negron (Banquo), Stephen Dunn (Duncan), Eamon McInerney (Lennox), Kit Ratliff (Fleance), and Catherine Councell (Lady Macduff)


Production:  Amy Rappa (Stage Management), Michael Bevis (Violence Designer), Kelliann Keeler (Scenic and Prop Design), Selena Lopez and Dagny Mullins (Costume Design), Piper Kirchhofer (Lighting Design), Sam Fitzwater-Butchart (Sound Design)

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