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I am a non-binary artist, the Artistic Director of Redtwist Theatre, a graduate of Ohio University’s Master of Fine Arts program in Directing, and an experienced theatrical creator and producer. 


As a director, I have tackled a diverse array of stories, including new works, classical texts, musical comedies, and modern dramas. As a story teller, I have always drifted towards queer writers and scripts that challenge the status quo. The adversity that I faced growing up queer in the Deep South drew me towards queer playwrights like Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee, and Steve Yockey.


I currently serve as Artistic Director of Redtwist Theatre in Chicago, IL, where we produce exciting new works as well as classic, intimate dramas. 


No matter the production, I always strive to ignite my collaborator’s passions, engage the community around me, and inspire the audience’s imagination. Throughout the process, I aim to create brave spaces where actors and designers can bring their authentic voices to the work. In subtle and overt ways, I encourage actors to break the fourth wall, allowing artist and audience to communicate directly. In every staging, I attempt to introduce some aspect of the fantastical, inducing the watcher to see something beyond the ordinary. 

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